Importance Of Choosing vastu bedroom

The master bedroom should always be located in the Southwest part of the house as Southwest represents the element Earth which implies the heaviness,

Flooring should be on the same level.Wooden cots and shelves are preferable than iron or steel cots and shelves.There should not be any opening on the ceiling

Sleeping with legs on the east side brings the name, reputation and richness to the family.

Specifically, the restroom attached to the bedroom should be on the North West portion of the room.

It is mandatory to construct the bedroom on the South West portion of the house.It should neither have a low ceiling nor a high ceiling. Ceiling level should be the same

Avoid mirrors, television, laptop, computer and big gadgets in the bedroom as they take away the harmony from the room. Try to put a mirror in the dressing room, in case; there is no dressing room then you can place the mirror along with a dressing table. If there is no dressing table, Make sure the mirror does not reflect any part of the body while sleeping otherwise the same part will catch some disease. Any plant, fish aquarium, or any other life forms is a big ‘’No’’ for the room

Shelves should be on the South wall or on the West wall.

No windows on the South West corner of the bedroom.There should not be any beam crossing over the bed.


  • Proper location of the bedroom in the house
  • Proper orientation of the bed
  • The direction of the Entrance
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