Vastu Tips for Health

  1. Vastu to get sick from illness
    Vastu to get sick from illness

    Keep the bed three inches away from the wall. This ensures that there is enough space for positive energy to flow.

  2. Ensure that both the kitchen and washroom have maximum distance from each other to keep negative energy away.
  3. Keep the head towards South or East because these directions are considered auspicious.
  4. The elderly or main owner of the house must occupy the SouthWest zone of the house for good health.
  5. Lighting a candle in the fire zone (SouthEast direction) daily is important for good health.
  6. Use timber beds without luggage compartment and avoid sleeping on metal beds to keep away discomfort and stay in good shape.
  7. If there are unnecessary mental tensions and arguments in the house, it means the house has Vastu dosh.
    Vastu to get sick from illness
    Vastu to get sick from illness

    •  Breaking of glass, cutlery etc or other noticeable damage is a sign of Vastu defect within the structure.

    •  Leaking taps, fusing of lights, fan, motor etc are symptoms of Vastu dosh

    •  Packed almirahs, cupboards, excessive furniture are all signs of Vastu defects

    Al the above symptoms reflect Vastu dosh within a property which needs to be attended to and rectified immediately.

    Remedies for Vastu dosh:

    •  Any object which adds to the clutter in the house should be removed immediately

    •  Objects which are not used for a long time should be re-considered and removed. They should either be put to use or disposed

    •  All electrical and plumbing fixtures that are leaking or malfunctioning should be repaired at once.

மேலும் விபரங்களுக்கு,

(சூட்சும வாஸ்து நிபுணர்)
இன்றைய நவீன வாஸ்து, ஆயாதி கணித வாஸ்து,
மனைகோல் சூட்சுமம், வீடுகண் திறப்பு,
வீடுகளின் தேவபார்வை,குபேரபார்வை,
தெரிந்த தமிழ்நாட்டின் முதன்மை வாஸ்துநிபுணர்.


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