Veracity of Vaasthu in Towns and Cities
Veracity of Vaasthu in Towns and Cities

Veracity of Vasthu in Towns and Cities

Some people opine that vasthu becomes ineffective where thousands of houses are build in clusters especially in places like towns and cities. This argument shows the height of perversion in thinking and amounts to arguing that diseases do not spread where a dozen doctors stay. We often come across instances of casualities in metropolitan cities resulting out of accidents, intentional or unintentional, causing huge financial losses. We also come across people becoming multi millionaires while staying in a particular house and start incurring huge financial losses after moving into newly built spacious bungalows or meet premature demise or give birth to handicapped issues etc…

Our research has proved beyond doubt that such casualties occur only on account of the ill effects of vasthu in the newly built houses. In such cases it is also revealed that the builders had not consulted the experts on vasthu or had not fully followed the suggestions offered or the so called experts consulted, must be either amateurs or elementary students of vasthu. It is said that a house however small it may be if built as per the tenets of vasthu, definitely yields positive results of the inhabitants and makes their life comfortable. Ignorance or negligence in the matter of vasthu, ushers evil effects often heavily. The quixotic notions like nullity of vasthu in cities prove catastrophical as the science of vasthu is ubiquitous. There are many unexplored fields in vasthu to be discovered for the peace and prosperity of humanity, at large.


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