vastu for water

vastu for water
vastu for water


The thick hot gasses enveloping earth had gradually cooled down and got transformed into clouds. Due to the rainfall from clouds water flowed into low lying areas of earth’s surfaces oceans were formed . The rains continued even after the formation of oceans and mountains . The rainfall on the mountains flowed down into plains in the form of rivulets and reached the seas in the shape of rivers . Water is vital element for all living beings. We get water in three forms viz., water , ice, vapour.The liquid form get converted into vapour due to the heat of the sun and subsequently gets transformed into clouds and finally turns into water again and reaches earth. The perennialwater cycle viz., rain producing rain is the mystery of nature. The presence of water in all living organism varies in proportion . Water has four characteristic viz., sound , sense of touch, shape and taste.


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