vastu for plots

vastu for lands

A street is comprised with the houses constructed on either side, and a gr.  .Jm.Uoup of streets or roads will make a village or town city . To build a house in accordance with the streets a place is selected, which is called site in vasthu

It is better to select a proper and suitable site with a help of a people who learned vasthu very well , 

vastu for lands
vastu for lands

It is not enough just to select a site but the surroundings environmental phenomenon should also be studied and be taken into consideration.The hills, valleys, rivers and tanks exist naturally.They maybe utilised in the best way scientifically , by falling in line with their order and real the advantages.

It is always advisable to select a square or a rectangle shape of land.The east-west-ward length should exceed the north south- ward length.It augurs well. As much spacious as the site is so much the happiness and prosperity would be .It is not advisable to select a site , which is cut off in any direction.

The vasthu scientists have ear- marked the sites according to its geography , shape and natural phenomenon, which are called blocks.


vastu consultant in erode
vastu consultant in erode



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