vasthu construction of the building.


vasthu construction

Choice of a plot is more important than the construction of the building.
It is wise to choose a plot having North East road and avoid a plot having South West road.
The Plot and the building should be square or rectangle in shape. There should not be any cut or extension.
Construction of building should be towards the South West corner of the plot as it would leave more space on the North and the East.
The North East portion should be comparatively lower than the ground level and the South West portion should be higher.
The Main gate and the Main entrance should be on the positive direction.
Windows on the North and on the East walls are mandatory.
The Ceiling level should be even.
The Septic tank and the toilet must be on the North West corner.
Well, bore -well and sump should be on the North East portion.
Overhead tank and heavy weighted material should be on the South West portion.
Pooja room should be located on the South East or North West portion.
Kitchen should be on the South East portion and alternatively, on the North West portion.
It is mandatory to construct the bedroom on the South West portion.