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Vastu Notes:
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chennai vastu staircase.
Chennai Vastu Steps.

As for the stairs, they should be set up as if they were going west or south.  For whatever reason it should not be set as climbing east or north.

பிலவ ஆண்டு vaigaci 21
English Date 4th June 2021.

  Today is Friday.

  Today’s star: Revathi after Uttirattadi night 8 32.

  Today’s Tithi: Dasami till 4 hours and nine minutes in the morning, Ekadasi after Tithi.

  Today is the day of paranoia.

  Today is Weekly West.

  The direction in which Yogini stands is south.

  Today is Vastu Day

  The time for Vastu Puja is 9 am.  51 to 10. 27.


Today is the day when Aries people can get angry.  Reduce the anger a little.

  Taurus :

Today is a good day for Aries people.


A day when something good happens to Gemini people.


Today is a day to take a pledge to the people of Kataka zodiac.


  Today is the day that makes the people of Chimmaras angry at a few things.  So make sure you don’t get angry.


Today is the day when money comes that can add a wealth to the people of Virgo.


Today is a useful day for Libra people.  So mark the night trip as it is a scary day.

Scorpio :

  Today is a happy day for Scorpio people.  Share that happiness with family.


Today is a day to give some competition to the people of Sagittarius.  Keep that match with the opposite people.  Do not keep with relatives.


Today is a day of pride for the people of Capricorn.  Praise that pride together with all the friends in a great way.


Today is a day of delay for a few things for zodiac people.  So if you have something important to do, postpone it to another day.

Today is a day when Pisces people can be credited with something in some way.  Leave it to the family to save the item that comes in that way.

Zodiac is not a horoscope.

  A belief that is predicted based on the movement of celestial planetary positions. It is the hope of knowing the changes that may occur in our daily lives.
You can know your daily benefit through your Chennai Vastu site.

You can get in touch to know the horoscope benefit that has happened, is happening and is going to happen in your life.

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Let’s live well.

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