vasthu for prayers

vasthu for prayers
vasthu for prayers

vasthu for prayers

Muslims in India offer prayers facing west , no matter the mosque face any direction. Id Gah Minar , the prayer wall also faces east and extends from north to south .It is constructed at 90 degrees calibrated to the north pole . The reason behind facing west is that Mecca, the holy city , is located towards west of India . However muslims of other countries offer prayers facing the direction in which the holy Mecca is situated . So for them, the holy city is the most concern , than the direction . We can find out directions , with the help of Idgah Minar , even in the mid night.

Hindus also offer prayer facing west as most of the temples and deities Only in exceptional cases certain temples are built facing west, and there the devotees offer prayers facing east. After all, the devotee is to face the deity to offer prayers .

The science of vasthu explains that construction of a temple facing west makes the east heavier as sanctum sanctum comes up in east . Such temples do not attract riches . Our research has proved that temples facing east continue to flourish with millions of devotees and billions of money . Similarly temples facing north flourish rather than temples facing south.

Sun is the creative and nourishing sources to the creatures in earth and offering prayers to the planet is doing yeomen service to the living beings . Facing east or west , is justified as a gesture of gratitude . Hence prayers can be offered facing east or west even at home.


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