bungalow for vasthu
bungalow for vasthu


Ad- yards does not mean an adjacent plots .It means a vacant piece of land located away from the existing house, separated by a house or street. Ad- yards located in eastern or northern northeast, yield blissful results, and they must be less elevated than the existing one. In order to derive better results, adyards projecting towards northeast, located in the northeastern direction of the existing house, must be acquired. In no case, it should be in line with or fall behind the existing houses, if an imaginary horizontal line is drawn. In such a case, it results in extention of northern northwest or east southeast ,which are not good features.If the additional yards are bigger in size than existing ones, the inhabitants and their posterity, would flourish in prosperity for many generations.

House-Plans-Duplex-House-Design for vastu
House-Plans-Duplex-House-Design for vastu

Acquisition of an additional plot located towards east, north or northeast of the existing house, brings high fame and prosperity , provided, it is more projected towards northeast than the existing house.If that is not possible near the existing house, additional lands of the above description must be acquired even away from the house.

Such additional yards must independently possess projections and depressions in northeast and elevation in southwest. The distance from the main house is not an important factor. But frequent movement into and out of the additional yard is a precondition , to derive better results.



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