vastu for Basil plant

vastu Basil plant
vastu Basil plant

Basil plant is grown in every house in India, by te Hindus, treating it as an embodiment of family goddess. It is an aromatic plant and is known for its medicinal values. Many diseases can be cured by consuming the leaves of the basil plant, or by simply inhaling the perfume or odour generated by it.Physicians of the oriental world had given given this the status of an antibiotic, while the physicians of western hemisphere acknowledge the fact that breeze passing from basil plants increases the longevity of the persons. That is why the science of vasthu attaches a lot of importance to the basil plant.


If the basil plant is grown in a flower pot the same may be placed in the southern or western portion of the compound walls in those directions. In no case such flower pots be placed on eastern or northern compound walls.Under indispensable circumstances the flower pot containing basil plant can be placed in any spot on a compound wall from eastern southeast or frm northern northwest till the mid point of that side .Basil fort should never be located in eastern or northern northeast , nor the flower pots be placed in that direction.



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