place of deity's room
place of deity’s room

place of deity’s room

One may be unaware of northeast, but the place of deity’s room is quit familiar to all. That is why , generally small pedastals , with or without a tower , are constructed in northeastern part of the house , for placing the deity . But people are ignorant of the ill effects of those pedastals in northeast. However if one is very particular, that the deity should be installed in northeast only , same may be done by providing a small cupboard within the eastern northeast wall, exclusively for the deity and the puja can be performed by setting ona mat only . Pedastals can be constructed along with western wall for installing the deity. People are suffering with many a misery , as they built pedastals for the deity in northeast. Unknowingly ; and thus, welcoming curse rather than the blessings of God.

The sun is the soul and main factor of vasthu and the visible God . It is better to follow his natural way . One should pray by facing east or west , the resourceful directions of sun , the omnipotent .


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