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vastu consultant in tamilnadu

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Life is to live and strive, to appease hunger and taste, fulfill want and wish. After the day long toil and turmoil for every human being earnestly required rest for that only the nature has endowed us with day and night. The rest is the sleep the whatever form would be viz the horse sleeps in a standing position, the dolphin in the sea swimming with one eye closed, the bat hanging upside down, the hen perching on pegs, the cat does like a ball in the corner.

Thus the nature blessed us and the creatures with sleep. Hence the bedroom is “the heart of the house” for man the paradise on earth, for peace of mind, soul and body, as we spend most of the time out of our stay at home.

Southwest is the most beneficent in all the eight directions. Master bedroom of a house must be provided invariably in southwest. It can be provided in southeast and northwest. Generally the eldest sleeps in southwestern room the elderly in southeastern room the next in northwestern room. In northeastern room only the children should sleep, not the couple.

In a house of number of rooms the first born should sleep in southern room, the second one in southeastern room, the third issue in western room, the fourth child should sleep in northwestern room, which will by all means augurs well. The bed in bedroom should be laid in such a way that the vacant space should be more towards east and north. Bedroom for the couple in east cause ill health.

Bedroom in south keeps up good health. Bedroom in West gives peaceful and prosperous life. Bedroom in north results financial losses. It is better that children be provided bed in east and north.People like to have a cool bedroom, but it should have 60 degree to 65 degrees temperature, as it is scientifically proved that coolness is injurious to health.


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