Vasthu is practicable

vastu-shastra for tamil
vastu-shastra for tamil


Vasthu is practicable as it is capable of being experimented . Those who want to construct a house can follow the characteristic of an ideal house prescribed by vasthu and lead carefree , happy lives there in . What all they have to do is , to follow a guidelines prescribed by vasthu in providing doors , windows, hearth, well , bathroom and toilets.Further the above characteristic can be utilised for rectifying the existing houses which are not built asper vasthu and reap the advantages.



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வாஸ்து & ஆயாதி கணித வாஸ்து,
வீடுகளின் தேவபார்வை,குபேரபார்வை,
தெரிந்த தமிழக முதன்மை சூட்சும வாஸ்துநிபுணர்.

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